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The ancient Greeks had their philosophy schools, the Golden Age of France had their artistic salons, and we have Cheshire Parlour, a modern-day haven for exploring ideas and fostering meaningful connections.


Where curiosity, kinfolk and culture combine for Good


ABOUT Monica McCarthy


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Monica McCarthy believes that lasting change comes from meaningful cross-disciplinary discussions and originally founded Cheshire Parlour as a monthly philosophic dinner series exploring big ideas like Time, Freedom, Truth, and Hope. (More dinners coming soon!) Since then Monica developed events and courses for Holstee that brought their wildly popular manifesto (dubbed “the new ‘Just Do It’” by the Washington Post) to life. Monica also consults for purpose-driven people and organizations, from artist/activist James Victore to Starwood Hotels. She’s spoken at conferences and events around the world about purpose, creativity, and reprioritizing the way we live and work. A former Broadway actress, she’s reopening the Cheshire Parlour doors and is excited to announce her wildly popular Write Your Manifesto workshop is now an online course.

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